Orban School’s annual ‘Night at the Orban Wax Museum’ yet again surpassed parents, and fellow students, expectation. This annual event sees Grade 7 students pick from a list of historical iconic figures to present in the form of a wax model. When the red button in front of the statue is pushed, the wax model comes to life! This is great fun for parents and fellow students. Iconic figures who stood out was Walt Disney, Trevor Noah, Freddie Mercury, Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo and we even had our very own Steve Irwin, wrestling a crocodile!

This evening also gave an opportunity to prospective parents to visit the school and interact with teachers and fellow parents. Families had some delicious food and drink on the lawns next to the school hall with the majestic Melville Koppies in the background. A great evening was had by all, and we would like to thank all involved especially Ms Lindy Phaal, who helped the students prepare for the evening.

Orban School also received some great coverage in our local newspaper, Northcliff Melville Times. Read and view their article here.