After last Friday’s rain, the world was washed clean and a glorious sunny morning awaited all Orban teachers, student and their families that reported for the first active day and some early exercise in Delta Park.
The Orban Delta Parkrun initiative was introduced to create an event for Orban families to spend time together and get some healthy exercise.
“It’s important to us that our students and teachers maintain a healthy balance. Parkrun is such a powerful platform where both these goals can be achieved. It will also motivate our cross-country runners to gain weekly training and encourage parents to become fit families”, says Liz van Tonder, Principal at Orban School.

There was a wonderful turnout from the Orban community and the purple wave contributed to a wonderful team spirit at Parkrun. The Orban mascot, Lizzie, also completed her first-ever Parkrun, with the help from some students and teachers. She also claimed that this will not be her last Parkrun!

As Orban School set out to initiate at least one active day per term, the Delta Parkrun offered a refreshing get-together and team-building exercise for the entire school. We will most definitely repeat this event later in the year.

Orban School would like to thank the Delta Parkrun race director and the Volunteer team for their support and guidance on the day.