During this particular STEAM learning solution class, each learner got to build a fan, connect it to an iPad/computer via Bluetooth and explored the world of coding by programming the speed/time and direction of the blades of the fan. They could even add colour and lights for the fun when the fans started spinning!

Orban noticed the worldwide need for learners to equip themselves with skills for job opportunities for the future. Introducing the STEAM learning solution and incorporating LEGO WeDo 2.0, is one of the many tactics applied to achieve this goal. As always our focus remains to educate through play, whilst staying relevant and in touch with technology and careers which will put our learners at the forefront of a new digital age. Find out more about Orban’s adaptive approach to STEAM and more.  

The LEGO® Learning System echoes this belief with the motto: ‘learn through play. To read more about STEAM’s incorporation of this system, visit: Lego education system