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Our ethos

The Orban spirit thrives in a postive environment. The concept “learn” pertains to the acquisition of significant knowlegde and skills that will equip our learners for life – not only in the future, but also in the present. The concept “live” pertains to the learners’ entire experience of life at school in particualr, as meaningful and pleasurable.

Our aspirations are achieved within a warm and friendly atmosphere. We embrace our learners in a welcomeing way and despite the number of learners in the school, we strive to maintain a sense of family and belonging. With an attitude of acceptance, we view each learner as a valuable individual with unique characteristics as we strive to discover and encourage the unfolding of his/her potential.

Central to our teachers’ role as custodians of the Orban ethos, is their accessibility and willingness to engage in relationships with both learners and parents.

Leading the way

Meet Orban’s principal, Liz van Tonder. She is a dynamic leader with the true, inherent belief that every child is unique, special and talented in more than one way. Her positive outlook and undaunted spirit give Orban’s staff the wings they need to make a measurable difference in our community. Liz takes a personal interest in every child and she always has time for a smile.

Embracing innovation

What makes us uniquely Orban is our tailormade approach to learning and discipline. Liz embraces innovation and incorporates different approaches and learning methods to keep our learners at the forefront of academic excellence.

Phono-Graphix, Six Bricks and the STEAM approach

We have great success teaching chidren to read using Phono-Graphix and our implementation of Lego’s Six Bricks programme for learners of all ages is aimed at enhancing memory retention, concentration, focus, problem-solving and creativity in class. We have seen remarkable results after only one term. Orban School incorporates the STEAM approach and prepares learners for scientific and computing research, by consolidating basic, fundamental skills in Science, Technology, the Arts and Mathematics across subject borders.

Our philosophy of Assertive Discipline

Without the necessary discipline, learners are not able to study to their full potential.  Orban’s philosophy is to discipline through positive reinforcement, as well as gentle, but firm and consistent application of the 5 school rules taught from toddler classes to Grade 7:

  1. Follow the instructions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep your hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.
  3. Listen when somebody else is speaking.
  4. Look after all property.
  5. Behave appropriately.

In pre-primary school we encourage and reward good behaviour with a star chart system and time-out serves as corrective discipline. In primary school sticker and signature charts are still in place to reward good behaviour and a reminder system is implemented to correct behaviour.

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