Orban launches first Active day at Delta parkrun

Jun 17th, 2020|

After last Friday's rain, the world was washed clean and a glorious sunny morning awaited all Orban teachers, student and their families that reported for the first active day and some early exercise in [...]

Orban introduces Six Bricks

Feb 14th, 2020|

"Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning. Through fun and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. You can adapt [...]

Time capsule tradition lives on!

Nov 4th, 2019|

A few weeks ago, Orban Grade 7 pupils exhumed the time capsules they buried in Grade 1 – with many surprises. Some content was entirely consumed by water, soil and insects, but there were also [...]

Orban’s 10 year winning streak at National Eisteddfod

Nov 1st, 2019|

Last night Orban School won the National Eisteddfod Academy Award for the Best Overall Performance of an Institution in the Johannesburg South/Central/East region for the 10th year running. Our Art Department teachers Zanele Montle, Stephen Hawkins, [...]